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Espa introduces aromatic diffuser with soothing essential oil collection to nurture wellbeing

Espa, a skincare brand specialising in natural and wellbeing products, has unveiled a brand new Aromatic Essential Oil Diffuser Pod to bring a sense of wellbeing to everyday modern living.

Using ultrasonic vibrations, the sleek and elegant diffuser infuses the air with refreshing aromas to balance the mind and body with a mist to match the user’s mood.

This diffuser also includes a soft glowing light making it a perfect meditation accompaniment or subtle nightlight.

To accompany the launch, Espa has introduced a set of aromatic essential oils featuring favourites from its Signature Blend collection: Soothing, Energising, Positivity and Restorative.

Daniel Golby, Espa GM, explained that these oils can also be used for a relaxing bath or as a carrier oil for a full body massage experience.

He added: “Our new diffuser has been beautifully designed to create a peaceful sanctuary at home and release just the right amount of fragrant vapour to harmonise the powers of the individual blends on offer.”

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