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Hytte introduces Scandi-style modular cabins

For spa operators looking to offer a stand-alone experience – from wellness treatments and meditation to floatation – and where social distancing and exclusive use is a given, the new modular cabin by Hytte could be the solution.

With a Nordic aesthetic, the cabins blend into the natural surroundings and are insulated using natural and recycled materials to ensure energy efficiency.

They have a minimum footprint of 24sq m and arrive onsite fully constructed and fitted out, ready for use within 24 hours. Off the shelf options are available or units can be custom made with potential features including a king-size bed, seating area, toilet/shower, stove and kitchen.

Hytte is a new company formed in partnership with architects Koto Design, which draws inspiration from Scandinavia, and interior design and branding firm Aylott & Van Tromp.

Co-founder Nathan Aylott says the focus is to provide “both clients and consumers with something a little bit different, in strange times.”

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