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The Spa Business ezine goes out to buyers and decision makers by request, which means the ezine lands in their mailbox with your advertisement prominently displayed.

This popular, and well-established e-zine can be use to raise your profile, or to market a specific product or service.

Add an advertorial story to our ezine for maximum impact.

e-zine advertising options

e-zine takeover
The e-zine take-over gives your company a powerful presence on the Spa Business e-zine.

The package includes:
- A leaderboard advert that stretches across the full width and sits at the top and bottom of the e-zine and also appears on the Spa Business website during the week the ezine is being distributed.
- A 200-250 word advertorial, which appears as the top featured supplier story in the ezine and which can be used as a case study and/or promote specific products or services.


Leaderboard: 960 x 85 pixels (desktop), 680 x 180 pixels (mobile). gif or jpg format.

Header share: 239 x 124 pixels (desktop/mobile). gif or jpg format.

Advertorial: 200 to 250 words + colour image at 1000 x 800 pixels.


  Advertising rates
1 issue
4 issues
8 issues
12 issues
e-zine banner
A banner advert on the Spa Business e-zine places your promotion and web link in front of key buyers and decision makers.


936x120 pixels (desktop)
578x320 pixels (mobile)
gif or jpg format.


  Advertising rates
1 issues
4 issuess
8 issuess
12 issuess
e-zine advertorial
The ezine has one advertorial position which can be booked by advertisers to promote specific products or services.

Located at the top right hand side of the ezine, this prime position can be seen clearly when the ezine loads, and generates high levels of responses.


200-250 words, 1000 x 800 pixels image, 468 x 690 pixels poster ad. gif or jpg format.


  Advertising rates
1 issue
4 issues
8 issues
12 issues
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